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Focus on Undernutrition

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One slice of malt loaf has the same amount of calories as four plain biscuits

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Undernutrition is often thought of as being a third world problem that doesn't affect the western population. Unfortunately this is not the case. At any one time there are over 3 million adults that are undernourished in the UK. This can have very serious consequences for those individuals but also the economy of the nation.

Focus on Undernutrition is an award winning team that strives to prevent unavoidable undernutrition.

This site is primarily aimed at professionals working within health and social care. However if you are interested in finding out more about undernutrition or worried you might be at risk you might find the 'how to' pages useful. If you do have any concerns or queries then you should contact your GP or dietitian.

"Focus on Undernutrition is a really important service. It helps to make sure that those working in care environments can make the best use of the food and drink that people recognise and enjoy to help prevent or treat the poor nutrition that can result from ill health. It is fitting that the service has been recognised nationally, and that locally the NHS has chosen to continue to support it..."

Janice Barratt

Professional Lead Nutrition and Dietetic Service, County Durham and Darlington Community Health Service