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Focus on Undernutrition

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Old age is not a reason in itself to have a small appetite

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Although we may monitor site statistics relating to use of our website. It is not however possible from this data to identify individuals.

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We adhere to the Data Protection Act and under no circumstances does Client/Work Seeker reveal any personal information unless Focus On Undernutrition authorises this.

Full information relating to Clients will only be available to authorised and vetted employees of Focus On Undernutrition. Information gathered other than that displayed publicly on the site will never be shared except in these circumstances:

  • Access to your information may incidentally be given to third party providers such as hardware maintenance companies in the course of maintenance
  • We will disclose your information to law enforcement authorities if so requested, or upon legal decision

Your information will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) which comprises European countries, including those of the EU, which possess compatible laws relating to data protection.


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