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Catering training

Focus on Undernutrition has developed a range of training programmes specifically for catering staff working in health and social care settings.

Training can be delivered as face to face bespoke courses in the care home. All face to face training will incorporate a practical session, which will require the use of a functional kitchen.

Training programmes include:

  • Menu planning and nutritional and hydration needs of older people in care homes
  • Fortified diets for undernutrition
  • Diabetic diets for older people
  • Altered consistency diets according to IDDSI dysphagia standards
  • Developing pureed meals and snacks
  • Finger foods menus in dementia
  • High fibre diets and constipation

Focus on Undernutrition have developed a unique catering course on menu planning and special diets. This course has been completed by over 700 cooks. This is now available as an online training programme.

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All training contains workshop-based learning. Practical training is also incorporated into fortified, diabetes and dysphagia training courses. A separate training programme is available on practical pureed training.


Focus on Undernutrition has developed a unique catering course for care homes. This training is a six-module course on menu planning and special diets. Delegates submit coursework within three months.

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