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Catering Course M6 – Finger food menus and dementia, high fibre diets and constipation

A Training series on ‘Fortified diets for undernutrition’ for Durham County Council

This course covers:

  1. The causes and associated problems with a reduced dietary intake in older people
  2. Suitable treatments for residents identified as moderate and high risk of undernutrition:
  3. Nourishing snacks
  4. Nourishing drinks
  5. Fortified diets
  6. How to adapt a menu cycle to increase the nutritional value
  7. Prepare and taste fortified food dishes and drinks
  8. Preparing and tasting a fortified drink and fortified dish

This training course has been developed by Rachael Masters, Consultant Dietitian for Focus on Undernutrition, and is endorsed by the British Dietetic Association.

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