A variety of flexible options are available for training including face-to-face, watch on-demand masterclasses and webinars. All training programmes have an array of support resources and recipes.

Focus on Undernutrition have a range of specialist nutrition training programmes for catering, care staff and families and carers.


Focus on Undernutrition provides consultancy to commercial companies, and health and social care organisations on a range of areas, including nutrition strategies, care pathways, product design and marketing.


Focus on Undernutrition services, training programmes and specific resources are available for implementation into other NHS and health and social care organisations by the provision of an annual license. This is supported by a train the trainer programme in the licensees organisation


A range of Focus on Undernutrition resources are available for purchase, the most popular being the award-winning ‘MUST’ alternative measurement tape.

Resources can be purchased individually or in bulk. If multiple resources are required, these can be printed with an organisational logo. 


Focus on Undernutrition can complete nutritional analysis of your recipes and menu cycles.

We are able to offer advice and provide guidance on adapting the menu cycle for special dietary needs.

We are always happy to provide preliminary feedback on your menu cycle, before completing a full nutritional analysis.


We have wide experience of presenting at conferences and training events, specialising on the areas of undernutrition and dysphagia. Previous public speaking engagements have included the National Association of Care Caters (NACC), the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN), British Dietetic Association. We have also worked on national TV and Radio.

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